Who is a buddy?

Buddies are anyone with a heart that desires to serve children and youth with disabilities and to help them learn about the love of Jesus. Buddies are typically middle school to college-aged youth but adults are encouraged to volunteer as well.

What does a buddy do?

Sometimes all that is needed of a buddy is to be in the same room when the kiddo requires a little bit of extra encouragement and guidance. Other times, a buddy will work closely with their friend with special needs providing constant support so they can participate with their peers.

Every volunteer is trained by Jessica, Director for Special Needs, before being placed with a child or youth with special needs. No buddy is ever left to “fly solo” until they are ready.

How much time is required of a buddy?

Buddies volunteer during children and youth programing on Wednesday nights and/or Sunday mornings. A weekly commitment is appreciated but not required to join the buddy ministry. (Summer opportunities available too.) 

what Do our buddies have to say?

“Being a buddy has been an amazing experience because I have been able to make the Word of God accessible for all kids.”

“It’s a lot of fun being able to connect with the kids and it’s a really good experience.”

“I think it’s really awesome being a buddy. I really connected with Christ through this experience.”

“Being a buddy has impacted me by helping someone special with their faith journey and seeing them grow in God.”

Fill out the Buddy Application!

For more information, contact Jessica Crawford, 314-374-0682.