Translating God's Word for a new generation


How are those New Year’s resolutions? It’s around this time we annually ask about our progress on first-of-the-year goals. God expects our resolutions to be daily endeavors. Daily we “drown the old man” so that a new soul can rise up and tackle all that God has called us to do and say. As we continue our Winter worship series, For the Greater Glory: Faith in the Fight for Life, our pastors help us put faith into action. This week, we descend into the trenches of Christianity and learn what we are to fight against; next week, we learn what to fight for!

No doubt we are well aware that the church in America is endangered. This weekend, Pastor Seidler dives deeper into the exact nature of that threat and what we can do to come out safely on the other side of it. In this next installment of our For the Greater Glory: Faith in the Fight for Life worship series, we’ll confront the forces that constantly antagonize the faith we hold and the church we cherish. Most importantly, we learn that through it all, the situation is not hopeless. The church is never hopeless! Expect an infusion of hope this weekend at Concordia.

The very saying of the phrase “fake news” sends emotion rocketing up our collective spine. Our American culture has been inundated with fake news for centuries. Yellow journalism. Tabloids. And, now the so-called mainstream media, alt-right and alt-left outlets. What to believe is burden for all of us. In this second week of our Winter worship series, For the Greater Glory: Faith in the Fight for Life, Pastor Seidler provides the miraculous anchor which surpasses all the news of this world—fake or otherwise!

While 2017 may for some have ended in a thud, 2018 begins with a bang. Every faithful follower of God possesses much and has even more in their favor. This weekend, we start a new worship series, For the Greater Glory: When Faith Finds Itself in the Fight of Its Life. Through these opening six weeks of 2018, our pastors will lead us to learn and to fight for what we believe is true and favorable and filled with hope. All this effort, and the faith that drives it, points to the greater glory of God beyond us all! Today, at Concordia, we start with what is true about who we are as people of God.

Concordia welcomes Rev. Chris Paavola, the pastor at All Nations Church in University City. Chris planted this church a couple years ago and has progressively woven it into the fabric of the U City community. Chris is the brother of our Christ Community Lutheran School (CCLS) preschool director, Angela Shirley, and comes from a long line of Finnish Lutherans. His immersion into this very diverse urban community, the stories he shares, and the Scripture he proclaims will be a blessing for our Concordia ministry.

Christmas according to ... ? Is it Luke with the shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus lying in the manger? Is it Matthew with the drama of the Wise Men and King Herod? Pastor Meggers invites you to listen to three “Christmas According to ...” accounts Christmas morning, concluding with his personal favorite account from John: “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.” God grant you great JOY in hearing again of that great gift of a Savior, born this day, who is Christ the Lord!

Merry and Blessed Christmas! As you gather to Concordia, Kirkwood, these Christmas days, we pray that the governing that is on His shoulders and the words that she ponders in her heart and the jubilee that the shepherds enjoy would give us great hope, too. Welcome to Christmas worship at Concordia!

By now, there has been a flurry. If not a flurry of snow, then a flurry of activity that looks forward to the celebration of the birth of our King, Jesus. Pastor Meggers will direct our “flurrious-ness” with Scripture that centers on the next coming of our King. God’s Word in this day, as it has in days and Advents and Christmases gone by, calls us to preparation. Jesus has come! Jesus is coming! Be prepared!

Patience may be a virtue, but it is also like a priceless jewel ...rare! Impatient with other drivers, impatient with government and leaders, impatient even with our own loved ones, we chafe at unmet expectations. Unmet expectations are the cause of anger and frustration. This week, Pastor Meggers’ message concerns what we can confidently expect from our God ... One who will shepherd His people with compassion and will justly rule as Lord of the church and universe now and forever! We can expect to meet Him one day in Heaven. In the meantime, we wait patiently with the expectation of meeting Him today in “the least of these.”