Translating God's Word for a new generation


Bob the Builder, of children’s cartoon fame, spent every episode building what at the beginning seemed impossible. As Christians, we are constantly tempted to believe that parts of our lives are irredeemable--unable to be fixed or restored by God’s grace. This weekend, Pastor Seidler destroys this thinking as together we watch Jesus call the first followers--and they wither before him. No worries, though--Jesus is Jesus for a reason in every season of our lives.

Christians believe in the reality of evil. As fantastic as it may sound to our 21st-century ears, the Bible makes it clear that evil exists and that it exists to overcome God’s goodness. This weekend, Pastor Seidler takes a deep dive into biblical teaching on demons, devils and all things wicked, based on Luke 4:31-44. We take up this topic because Scripture makes it clear that our struggle in life is “not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness of this dark world.” Buckle up--this is going to be a doozy.

On this last weekend of January, how has 2019 been going for you? This weekend, we'll hear the words of Jesus: "The time of the Lord's favor has come." Spoken to the oppressed and the prisoner, the blind and the beaten down, these words must have rung awfully hollow. In Jesus, however, favor has come to everyone. Like favorable weather, favorable conditions, favorable returns on investment, spiritual favor has come to us. Enjoy favorable treatment from God as Pastor Seidler shares with us a message, "Overcoming Fear with Favor," based on Luke 4:14-30.

We all have many cares and worries in life. Chances are you arrived to worship today carrying some of those concerns upon your heart and mind. If that’s true, know that today’s service is designed for you! As we witness Jesus’ first miracle at the Cana wedding feast, we also learn from the experience of His mother, Mary. Mary was worried about the host family—they ran out of wine! She wanted to help, but she knew only one thing to do. She committed the situation to Jesus, knowing He would take care of it—and he did! Much more than helping provide refreshment for wedding guests, Jesus revealed His power and glory. “And His disciples believed in Him” (John 2:11). Today, may you do the same. Commit your concerns to the One who gave Himself for you and invites you to believe in Him.

The Wise Men have come and gone. Fast forward to John the Baptist. John baptizes and then he’s gone. There is a transition, a hand-off from John to Jesus. The public ministry of Jesus begins, and we celebrate the One with whom God is well pleased and who brings His Heavenly Father Great Joy. Pastor Meggers will share the Good News of Jesus who is the Good News in flesh and the one who will shepherd us in that Good News.

2019 at Concordia is going to be a great year. A new center for youth ministry and Christian education will be completed. We will welcome Jacob and Rebecca Schultz to our full-time staff family. We will welcome a new leader to our youth ministry. Through it all we will serve, grow, change and thrive as God’s people. It begins this Epiphany weekend. Let’s start our 2019 time together by worshiping as a Concordia family!

Merry Christmas. That’s such an odd way of greeting each other. “Merry.” Just the saying of it sets this holiday apart from every other.  And an odd occasion it is. God becomes man. The savior comes to earth.  Today we savor the spice that makes heaven and nature sing and gives us the impetus to say, “Merry Christmas.”

Before the first Christmas came, the work of Christmas was done. While we might be overwhelmed by this sin-filled world around us, Mary’s words, as recorded in Luke’s 1st chapter, gives us great Christmas cheer. As she glorifies God for the life she bears she prophesied the saving work of her Son. Her words not only speak of what Jesus will accomplish in the future, she speaks of His work as having already been done. This weekend Pastor Meggers raises the Christmas curtain to glimpse at Easter joy through the eyes of JOY-filled Mary, mother of God. Mary Christmas! 

The sights and sounds we have come to expect during Christmas stand in stark contrast to the sight and smell of John the Baptist. This weekend, we hear the voice of one call in the wilderness, preparing the way for the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Seidler leads us to re-learn the ins and outs, ups and downs of this familiar lesson of Luke 3 and the point it makes for the lives we lead.

December is a chaotic month­—in both our American culture and in the Church. On the church side of things, this month’s readings focus on heavy thoughts ... judgment, darkness, and the End of Days are all bursting into our worship services. But, ultimately, it is the birth of Jesus that commands our central attention. Jesus comes, His earthly life begins, in order to rescue us from judgment. In His coming, the judgment of God we have accrued by our sin and disobedience meets its decisive end. Rev. Jacob Schultz launches us in this run-up to Christmas with this weekend’s message, “The Road Back Home.”