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Weekly Prayers

December 8, 2019

Prayer of Thanksgiving:  For all those who have generously given to the Lutheran Family and Children's Services' "Season of Sharing" and to Concordia's "Cookies for the Homebound"...


Youth celebrating their Baptismal Birthdays this week:  Levi Mohnke, Owen Prange, Ava Aschinger,

Marco Pieske, Paige Burgdorf


Adults celebrating their Birthdays this week:  Christopher Eckrich, Vince Stanley, Nathan Rauh, Logan Stoppel, Janet Gerding, Cindy Nichols, Bob Schmidt, Virginia Zimmermann, Tim Dalton, Michelle Graf, Daniel Henrichs, Macey Jett, Beth Kiessling, Mary Kohut, Amy Meyers, Justin Freeman, Bob Gill, Melissa Kurtz


We pray for…

Janel Burch cousin and friends, Renee, Allison and Diann

Robert Fields

Anita Kreienkamp’s sister, Marjorie Rosenkotter

Ruth Jonas

Lori Voges

Karen Wendt’s sister, Erna


Members and friends of Concordia with medical concerns…

Ruth Abaecherli-Lawless

Evelyn Bickel

Lori Boothman’s friend, Maryann Chase

Vickie Dankenbring’s brother, John Rosenhauer

Jim Kille

Jan Duesenberg’s brother-in-law, Steve Pano

Mona Gunkel’s dad, Harold Rue

Norma Hollmann

Dave and Deb Henrich’s friends, Judith Schaefer and Katie Boyer

Helen Kirchner’s son, James Loeb

Zafer Homer’s mother, Soraya

Dorothy Jacobi’s sister-in-law, Pauline Eck

Ruth Kirchhoff’s sister, Johanna Cormier

Mary Marshall

Ramona McFarland

Cindy Nichols’ son, Eric

Christine Ostrowski

Ella Ostrowski

Kerry Pozaric’s dad, Ramon Mount

Bernard Reinert’s brothers, Frank, Peter and Raphael

Betty Schaefer

Kermit Starnes’ cousins, Bruce Starnes, Jr. and Craig Starnes

Emily Swiney

Alice Trebus

Jerry Wendt

Paul Witbrodt


We also pray:

For our Call Committee as they continue the process for the search for our next Senior Pastor…

For the healing in our cities, communities and country…

For the those who are suffering from dependency and loneliness...



For Joe Moschner and family upon the death of his wife, Vicki (11/27))

For Keith Weinhold and family upon the death of his sister, Jo Anne (11/30)

For John Hartmann and family upon the death of his nephew, Bill Hartmann

For Linda and Josh Burgdorf and family upon the death of their husband/father, Roger (11/27)

For Sharon Ema and Judy Joerding and family upon the death of their aunt, Vera Riemann (11/27)


For all those who serve in the military in the combat zone, and their families … Lindsay Barnes, Cynthia Camp, Erik Carlson, Pete Carlson, Andrew Detmers, Elizabeth Hays, Owen Ray, Julie Ritz, Michael Smith


For all who serve in the military not in the combat zone, first responders, and their families…

Kristopher Dolle, Andrew Gaska, Brendan Kunderas, Tom Saeger, Kendall James Washington

 Prayer requests will be listed for two weeks. If after that time you would like your request to remain, please resubmit your request above. We desire to keep you and your home in prayer during times of need and joy! If you are hospitalized, please contact the Church Office 314-822-7772.