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Weekly Prayers

May 31, 2020


Prayer of Thanksgiving: Alleluia! Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your people with love, faith and peace…


Births:  Jacob Bryson Weinhold (5/21) born to Mark and Ashley; grandparents Keith and Donna Weinhold


Youth celebrating their Baptismal Birthdays this week: Ryker Franklin, Oliver Nieman, Sailor Wilson, Holland Hilgendorf, Fiona Carlson, Joshua Decker, Sam Hennekes, Susan Koebbe, Aubrey Meers, Maggie Roesslein, Lydia Bagy, Samuel Fritsch, Leo McGuire, Ava Gardner, Sophia Scheetz


Adults celebrating their Birthdays this week: Mona Gunkel, Kim Henze, Alyssa Kieschnick, Mary Monteleone, Jama Petter, Barbara Warneke, Mallory Dart, Mark Redick, Mary Ann Vahl, Bryan Hershfeld, Angie Hurst, Patty Wilson, Diane Belsha, James Bruenger, Jared Hartmann, Kenny Jr Jones, Deanna Szydlowski, Naomi Becker, Mike Dehn, Sherry Haines, Wayne Shaw, Dana Valencia, Ken Walker, Angie Buckman, Diane Erke, Susie Gaal, Christine Scheetz, Dakota Werner


We pray for…

Norma Hollmann


Members and friends of Concordia with medical concerns…

Max Filley

Jeanette Kille

Anita Kreienkamp’s sister, Marjorie Rosenkotter

Ruth Kirchhoff’s sister, Johanna Cormier

Gloria Koestering

Ramona McFarland

Milligan’s daughter-in-law, Michelle Milligan

Marjorie Moore

Cindy Nichols’ son, Eric

Bernard Reinert’s brothers, Frank, Peter and Raphael, brother-in- law, Michael

Gerald Ritko

Nelle Rolf

Florence Rouse

Denyce Schoemehl

Marvin Stende

Alice Trebus

Lori Voges

Jewel Wagner



For Mark and Gary Hoehne and family upon the death of their father, Emil Hoehne (5/21)

For Kelly Callahan and family upon the death of her cousin, Sandy Veltrop (5/20)

For Cassy Kollmeyer and family upon the death of her grandmother (5/20)

For Linda Radcliff and family upon the death of her mother, Ruth Altmann (5/19)

For Patrick Acheson and family upon the death of his father, Bruce (5/19)

For Julie Wyttenbach and family upon the death of her mother


We also pray:

For all our first responders, doctors, nurses and all of those who work in nursing homes and hospitals who are working on the frontline of the pandemic…

For all of those who are affected by the Coronavirus and those caring for them throughout the world...  

For our Call Committee as they continue the process for the search for our next Senior Pastor…


For all those who serve in the military in the combat zone, and their families … Lindsay Barnes, Cynthia Camp,

Erik Carlson, Pete Carlson, Andrew Detmers, Elizabeth Hays, Owen Ray, Julie Ritz, Michael Smith


For all who serve in the military not in the combat zone, first responders, and their families…  

Brendan Kunderas, Tom Saeger, Tom Watson, Kendall James Washington


 Prayer requests will be listed for two weeks. If after that time you would like your request to remain, please resubmit your request above. We desire to keep you and your home in prayer during times of need and joy! If you are hospitalized, please contact the Church Office 314-822-7772.