Job Transition Ministry

Are You Between Jobs?

Concordia's Job Transition Ministry was created so that we can listen, pray and encourage those who have been recently unemployed. We want to walk alongside you in this time of uncertainty and change as you search for a new job.

The focus of our Job Transition Ministry is not to provide you with job search coaching. We will connect you with a mentor who understands what it’s like to be unemployed. While they may be able to provide some help in your job search, their primary focus is to regularly connect with and support you during your job search. 

The St. Louis metropolitan region has two job search support groups. Both offer speaker regarding the job search and provide networking opportunities. Consider also connecting with one of these groups:

  1. Businesspersons Between Jobs (BBJ)
  2. Beyond Networking

A Book of Devotions

Through our ministry, you will receive a free devotion book titled How Long, O Lord, How Long? Devotions for the Unemployed and Those Who Love Them. We encourage you to prayerfully read the devotions during your journey of unemployment. If you are married, please let us know and we will include a book for your spouse as well.

About the book: Being unemployed is a very personal journey; and the job search process is one where a person experiences loneliness, anger, despair, fear and anxiety. How Long, O Lord, How Long? is a book of devotions written by someone who knows, in order to offer help, hope and healing to anyone who is, or supporting someone, on this journey through unemployment.

Job Transition Next Steps

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