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Concordia Outbound Ministries

Concordia Outbound Ministries (COM) refers to how Concordia corporately fulfills our mission to Be Faithful. The goal of COM is to serve as both an example and opportunity to help support our ministry benefiting those outside our church walls. Based upon the Bible’s Great Commission, “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations”, COM oversees the distribution of funds to human care and mission opportunities identified by Concordia. 

In the Community

COM supports the community through direct gifts and opportunities to serve. We primarily support organizations where we also serve as a congregation – hands and feet follow our dollars. Two active examples today where our members actively serve:


Befriending and witnessing to some 800 new Americans each month, CFNA serves refugees and immigrants by providing English as a second language classes, health and welfare screenings, tutoring, household furnishings, Christian nurture, and scholarship assistance to Lutheran schools within our community.


COM supports St. Trinity, an urban church in South St. Louis. They desire to be a church in the neighborhood who is all about the neighborhood, both in service and in mission. Through a food pantry, neighborhood clean up, summer kids program and mission opportunities Concordia members partner to build the church and build relationships with our neighbors in South St. Louis.

In the World

In addition to annual Youth servant trips, Concordia members regularly and actively serve two international locations each year, helping the community but more importantly building Christ filled relationships with those that live in Belize and Uganda.


Central American Lutheran Mission Society (CALMS) coordinates seven day mission trips each Spring for adults and families (children older than seven). The team serves families in a rural village. Service may include conducting worship, ministering to children through Gospel centered activities, and/or constructing homes. In addition, we continue to build relationships and raise up leaders with Bermuda Landing, a local evangelical congregation, to carry on ministry throughout the year.


In partnership with Christ Community International, members from Concordia accompanies mission trips to Uganda to support the CCLS-Uganda school in Kawate. Servant team activities include medical missions, mentoring teachers, and working with the children and parents of the school. 

Building warm inroads in the name of Christ to our community and to the world is an important part of Being Faithful. Being God’s workmanship, we were created in Christ Jesus to do good works.  Whether you are called to be a prayer warrior, a servant in your own community, a worker on a national short term mission trip, or a volunteer on an international mission assignment, COM can help you find your path to service.

COM receives its funding from designated contributions from Concordia members.



If you would like to know more about COM, where we serve, who we support or how you can be involved, please contact Pastor David Meggers or Kristin Anderson.