Members on a Mission

Encourage one another and build each other up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

It is now more than a year into the pandemic and, for some, the world is finally opening back up. For others, though, social isolation, fear and uncertainty may still dominate their lives. It is for all of these reasons and more that we invite you to participate in another summer of service with CK Members on a Mission! The pandemic may still be present, but we can still strive to be the light and the love of Christ and spread joy to others in the process!

During the months of June, July and August we encourage you, as an individual, couple or family, to perform at least 10 acts of service that spread joy and the gospel. 

We know that each family is unique so we have included a Mission Menu with lots of different acts to inspire you. Follow the menu exactly or use them as a jumping off point. It’s up to you! 

We encourage you to include the message of Christ’s love whenever you can! If decorating the sidewalk, then include a great big beautiful, “Jesus loves you!” If feeding the meter for a stranger, then tape an uplifting Bible verse to it as well!

Once you have completed at least 10 different acts of spreading joy, your family will receive an eye-catching yard sign to hopefully help encourage others to act as well! If ten families participate, that’s 100 moments of spreading joy and sharing the gospel with others! If 100 families participate, that’s 1000! 

Be creative! Have fun! Spread joy! 

When posting your CK Members on a Mission activities to social media, be sure to tag Concordia @CKhomeChurch and hashtag #ckmembersonamission so everyone can follow along! 

Keep track of your progress just by coloring in each box as you complete it. Be sure to send a picture of your Mission Menu to once your family has completed at least 10 acts. 
Please follow all current CDC and County guidelines when participating in CK Members on a Mission. 

Download the Mission Menu