Let us help you through this Lenten Season

Join us from 11:30-12:30 on Zoom every Wednesday in Lent, as we address “FEAR, ANXIETY AND WELLNESS.”

Dr. John Eckrich, M.D. will lead us each week in our topic. Rev. David Meggers will also lead a brief worship to encourage, inspire and strengthen you during these times.

CT Scan, Unemployment, Vaccine or Lack of Vaccine, Kids and school….you fill in the blank. Let us walk together through Lent learning how to cope with Fear and Anxiety on a journey to Wellness. All the while, we will journey to the Cross and Empty Tomb where we find the ultimate wellness won for us by Jesus.

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Week One
February 24th

Passcode to view: H*6Uyh!u

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Week Two
March 3rd

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Week Three
March 10

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Week Four
March 17

Passcode to view: G3!G+B3#

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