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Concordia's ministries, programs and events are designed to meet at least one of these three goals: 

BE STILL - Gathering together in worship.

BE ONE - Growing in community with one another.

BE FAITHFUL - Going out to serve, whether at Concordia, in our St. Louis community, or in other parts of the world.



The children's ministry includes newborns through grade five and focuses on our mission statement of BE STILL – BE ONE – BE FAITHFUL. Our goal is to partner with the home, which is the primary environment for faith formation, so children may grow in their faith and be workers in the kingdom of God. 

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Our goal is to provide an open atmosphere where students can know that they matter. Where students can be honest, open, heard, accepted, and equipped to live as a light for Christ, no matter what the cost! 

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It is our hope that every member of Concordia find opportunities to connect and grow though fellowship and Bible Study.

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Special Needs Ministry

The goal of the Special Needs Ministry here at Concordia is to create a place where families of children and youth with disabilities can comfortably and confidently worship. We hope to minister to each member of the family so that they will be able to ultimately call Concordia their spiritual home.

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Members on a Mission

Help us to spread love and light to our community during this time of uncertainty!During the months of May, June and July, we encourage you to share the gospel by performing at least 20 acts of love and kindness. We know that each family is unique so we have included 45 different acts to inspire you, plus room for 5 "make up your own" slots!

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