Confirmation at Concordia

Confirmation is a special season of life where we learn about the truths of Scripture and what it means to be a community of believers. At Concordia, this process takes place on Wednesday nights grade as we learn, have fun, and reflect together. In the final year of Confirmation, our students have the privilege to profess their faith during Witness Weekend and be recognized publicly during the Rite of Confirmation.

information for grades 6-8


Please use this link to register for Confirmation grades 6-8 on Wednesday nights. We ask that families also complete a COVID waiver which details the precautions, procedures, and expectations of the evening. You must complete the COVID waiver to attend in-person Confirmation. 

registration form waiver
Makeup Work

We desire everyone to participate every week in Confirmation. If your child is not able to attend, you will find a recorded video of the lesson and a form to complete for makeup work. All of our lessons build on prior knowledge and this will help ensure everyone stays at the same pace. 

September 16—Welcome to Confirmation 
September 23—The Triune God and Creation video submission form
September 30—Law and Gospel  video submission form
October 7—Reformation History  video submission form
October 14—Reformation History video submission form
October 21—Reformation History video submission form
October 28—The Church video submission form
November 4—The Church video submission form
November 11—End Times video submission form
November 18—End Times video submission form
December 2—Advent 1 video submission form
December 9—Advent 2 video submission form
December 16—Advent 3 video submission form
January 20—Justification and Sanctification video submission form
January 27—Vocation video submission form
February 3—The Office of the Keys Part 1 video submission form
February 10—The Office of the Keys Part 2 video submission form
February 24—Lent Worship 1 video submission form
March 3—Lent Worship 2 video submission form
March 10—Lent Worship 3 video submission form

Memory Work

God's Word is powerful and active. It gives us the wisdom to know God and His desire for our lives. Therefore, we ask our students to memorize God's Word each year. If your child attends CCLS their regular memory assignments for school will fulfill this requirement and no further submission is necessary for Confirmation. For all other students we ask that you complete the below forms as we all grow in God's Word together.

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Due October 21 Due December 16  Due February 24 Due April 21
Sermon Notes

Throughout the school year, we ask each student to complete 5 sermon notes. These notes model the importance of a sermon and illustrate what to listen for during a message. If you attend in-person services there are paper copies available for you to complete. Digital copies may be submitted below. You may use the same submission form below for all sermon notes. These must be completed viewing Concordia services. 

concordia sermons submission form
Service Hours

God has called us to embody love for others. As we share this love, we ask all students complete 5 hours of community service. These hours may be done either at Concordia or another location. You may also count service hours for Confirmation that have been completed as a requirement for another school, club, or organization.

Here are few ideas generated by our community which you could do as well:

  • Write letters to homebound members, friends and family who are isolated, and military members. 
  • Rake leaves for a neighbor.
  • Shovel snow for a neighbor. 
  • Read books to younger children. 
  • Pick up litter in the park. 
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter. 
  • Volunteer at Concordia on Sunday morning or throughout the week. 
  • Write encouraging messages on neighbors sidewalks. 
submission form

Information for grade 9


Please use this link to register for Witness Weekend and the Rite of Confirmation.

Witness Weekend Registration Pastoral Review Registration
Witness Weekend

Witness Weekend is October 17/18. This weekend is a special time in the life our students where they get to profess their faith. Our students may either digitally record their statements or say them in-person.

Our Confirmation leadership team has had great conversations with a number of families about what this year looks like in light of so many changes. And we have listened to collective wisdom.

Therefore, we are going to correct course slightly for our Witness Weekend procedures because we want the best experience for our students and community. Here are some notes

  • Saturday September 26 from 9:30-10:30 we are having an in-person session to capture some of the material which we would normally have at the All Youth Retreat. This session will be live streamed and uploaded for students that cannot be present. In-person participation is encouraged if possible.
  • On Saturday September 26 from 10:30-1:30 the pastors will be present to provide time for writing and assistance.
  • The week of October 5-9 the pastors will review the student's final copy.
  • Faith statements may still be recorded or be delivered in-person. But we ask that all students follow a similar format. The initial email about question prompts is no longer necessary which have now been alleviated due to technology.
  • Below is a document which will provide guidance on September 26. You can review it now and start thinking about faith statements.
How to Write a Faith Statement Video from Witness Weekend Teaching Day

The Rite of Confirmation

The Rite of Confirmation is October 25 at 1:30. This is a special service for our confirmands and their guests. When we gather together, it is a chance for the confirmands and our congregation to recognize their study and their faith.

What is Junior Youth?

Junior Youth is for the 6-8 grade students of Concordia, their friends, and the larger community. Throughout the year we meet during different times. Weekly during the school year we meet on Wednesday nights to be formed as a community. Monthly during the school year we gather together on Friday nights for an evening called IMPACT which focuses on relationships. During the summer, we meet bi-weekly for fun and fellowship. This time lends itself to more offsite fun, special events, and service trips.

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What is Senior Youth?

Senior Youth is for 9-12 grade students. We welcome all students and their friends in this season of life. During the school year we meet bi-weekly at Concordia and monthly for special events. Every gathering is centered around God's Word and relationship building events. The summer allows for more flexibility for outdoor events and service projects. We hope you can join us!

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