Call Process

In speaking with members, one of the first things we hear is when does the Call process start and who is on the Committee? The first thing to understand is the Call Process takes time. An average Senior Pastor call takes 12-24 months from start to finish. The most successful and timely searches involve a study, or assessment, of your church PRIOR to building a candidate list. Paramount to the success of the search process is knowing who we are as body of Christ (Mission, Vision and Values) and understanding our long-term growth strategy and aspirations. Only then, can we effectively determine the characteristics we need in the next Senior Pastor and articulate our character in a way than attracts potential candidates. We believe, and research supports, a methodical and deliberate process saves time and frustration in the long run.

The Call Committee

The Call Committee for Senior Pastor was finalized on Thursday, September 19. Thank you to the many people who provided recommendations through  . The Church Council worked to ensure we had good leaders, diversity of interests, and multiple skill sets on the Committee. 

Image of the Call Committee

Communication and Input

During the call process you can expect two things from Council and staff: regular communication and request for input.

We look forward to our future. As we kick off the process, and throughout, please pray for Concordia, its staff, Call Committee, leaders, and the next Senior Pastor God will call to Concordia. To quote Pastor Jacob from a recent sermon, "Our future is never the brightest in the rearview mirror. Our future is always the brightest in front of us, why? Because God had a plan, He has a plan, and He is working that plan. Jesus is Lord of His church and He will always provide for His people.”