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    Be Ready to Forgive
    09.11.20 | Stories

    Greetings,   This devotion is based on the upcoming sermon for the week. We are confident that when we hear or read God's Word it is beneficial and powerful for Christians. May God richly bless you as you reflect on this reading and...

      08.31.20 | Stories

      In Matthew 18 God gives us some Kingdom Building instruction regarding forgiveness.  It involves some effort on our part.  We human beings don’t like to pay attention to this. Confront the person who hurt us? Talk to them...

        How Do You Unwind?
        08.27.20 | Stories

        Greetings in Jesus,   This devotion is based on the sermon for the upcoming weekend. We hope and pray that this is a blessing for you. We know that however you interact with God's Word it is powerful and effective. May God richly bless...

          Real Lives
          07.09.20 | Stories

          Greetings, This devotion is based off the sermon for this weekend. We are confident that when we gather around God's Word in-person, digitally, or in this way, it is always powerful. We pray this is a valuable resource as you grow in...

            Tax Collector
            07.02.20 | Stories

            Matthew 9 records the calling of Matthew the Tax Collector as a disciple. The same voice that called Matthew is the same voice that is calling you. You are gathered…..or scattered in order to heed the Call of Jesus. Scattered in order to...

              Father's Day
              06.21.20 | Stories

              In our sermon series we are continuing our conversation on what is real by considering real people. At the outset we need to affirm what is reality and that is this. Jesus Christ has risen bodily from the grave and the Holy Spirit which lives...

                "Real" Church
                06.07.20 | Stories

                Over the next six weeks, Concordia will be considering what is real in Christianity. Too often in the Christian faith, God's people are tempted to pit one act of devotion or expression of spirituality against the other. However, the enduring...

                  Happy Birthday Church
                  05.31.20 | Stories

                  n the day of Pentecost, a Jewish festival that occurred 50 days after Passover, we became the church.  A small group gathered.  Waiting.  Anticipating. Not really knowing what was next.  But faithful to the Lord’s command to wait.

                    What's Next
                    05.24.20 | Stories

                    We are thankful that God's Word is powerful as His truth is communicated in so many different ways. It is our hope that this devotion is one way in which the powerful Word of God brings comfort and consolation as we all grow deeper into the...

                      What?? No!
                      05.17.20 | Stories

                      We have been in a season of “What?? NO!” Over and over, day in, day out news and events that make us shout, “What?? NO!”