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    Generous Heart
    02.11.20 | Generous

    One effect of sin is the way it closes our eyes to generosity.  Jesus knew that. He spoke of treasure and heart. He was the heart and treasure of God.  God generously gave His Son up for us.

      Generous Mercy
      02.06.20 | Generous

      When we think of mercy, we think of all the pain and problems that God spares us from. Certainly, this world is broken and certainly we contribute to its brokenness. But as Christians we know God loves us despite all of this. He show us mercy...

        Generous Faith
        01.28.20 | Generous

        As we work our way through the Gospel of Matthew this year we see a transition this week from the introduction of Jesus to the beginning of his ministry. Matthew summarizes Jesus’ ministry by saying he taught, he proclaimed the good news of the...

          Generous In Purpose
          01.19.20 | Generous

          Through His prophet Isaiah, God revealed the generous character of His heart with these words. They were spoken hundreds of years before Jesus tells His disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of...