Tax Collector

    July 02, 2020 | Stories

    Matthew 9 records the calling of Matthew the Tax Collector as a disciple. The same voice that called Matthew is the same voice that is calling you. You are gathered…..or scattered in order to heed the Call of Jesus. Scattered in order to be gathered.

    You are in good Company with Matthew the Tax Collector. Could Matthew have been more fulfilled than to hear Jesus say, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners?”

    And Matthew went from being one who looked for ways to take, to being one who looked for opportunities to give, opportunities to be generous in ways that he had never thought about before. It would take more listening to Jesus.  

    Listening to Him speak words of forgiveness in the midst of murderous enemies.  

    Listening to Him speak words of restoration as He gathered in their midst after His resurrection “Peace”.  

    Listening to His command to Go and make disciples.

    It is the same voice of Jesus who forgives you. It is the same voice of Jesus who calls you my fellow sinner. He calls us to follow him and look for opportunities to be him. He calls us to look at COVID-19 and at injustice in a way that the world cannot look at it and that is as an opportunity to let the voice of Jesus be heard.   We bring hope to the hopeless.

    In the name
    Of Jesus who calls us sinners
    Who came to call sinners
    Who came to heal.

    God grant you peace, comfort and JOY,
    Pastor M.

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