Generous Faith

    January 28, 2020 | Generous

    Listen to Pastor Matt Hoehner talk about Generous Faith

    As we work our way through the Gospel of Matthew this year we see a transition this week from the introduction of Jesus to the beginning of his ministry. Matthew summarizes Jesus’ ministry by saying he taught, he proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom, and he met the needs of the people (Mt 4:23ff.). This past weekend we experienced the light of Jesus and explored what generous faith in Christ looks like in our lives. 

    As we reflect on what Generous Faith looks like, take a few minutes to reflect on these questions:

    1. How do you learn about who God is, who you are, and the world around you?

    2. Where do you experience forgiveness?

    3. What needs has Jesus met in your life? What needs remain?

    4. Who do you teach and what do you teach?

    5. When is the last time you forgave someone?

    6. What needs do you see in your family, church, and community? How could you meet these needs according to your ability? 

    Extra Credit: Count how many prophecies are fulfilled in the first four chapters of Matthew. 

    The generous faith of Christ meets all our needs through his life, death, and resurrection. Go in that peace!

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