Adult Bible Studies


Biblical Bookworms (9:30-10:30am)
Gathering together to dig deeply into the Bible. Study of a particular book of the Bible. Participants also grow in connection with one another.

"The Bible Project" (9:30-10:30am)
Pastor Matt Hoehner leads this Bible study in the Community Room. Using the video series from "The Bible Project", the class will learn about a book of the Bible each week. Through small group discussion, the group will apply God's Word to the world around them. If you have never been to a Bible study or are a Bible scholar, all are welcome!

Path Finders (10:45-11:45am)
Building homes on the firm foundation of Christ, the Solid Rock. Studies vary, but relationship-building is a constant.

Lutheran Introduction - Offered periodically throughout the year
Go deeper into the Christian Faith as it is taught and confessed in the Lutheran Church. Led by Pastor Meggers.


Men’s Bible Breakfast (6:30-7:30am)
Gathering of men of all ages each week for God’s Word, coffee, juice and food.

Women’s Bible Introductions Community Group (6:00-7:30pm)
Meets weekly to build and nurture relationships with women of all ages with a focus on Bible stories. Childcare is provided. Facilitated by Marcy Scholl.

LifeLight Bible Study (7:15-8:30pm, Sept.-April) 
LifeLight Bible study is a weekly in-depth study, led by Dr. Steve Carter, designed to teach us how to apply Biblical truths to our daily lives.


Men’s LifeLight Bible Study (9:00-10:15am) 
Study God’s Word weekly as Rev. Dr. Stephen Carter guides participants with a lecture and group sharing.

Women’s LifeLight Bible Study (9:15-11:00am) 
Study God’s Word with group gatherings and daily “homework” for enrichment. Women meet weekly as Rev. Dr. Stephen Carter guides participants with a lecture.

American Sign Language (ASL) (7:00-8:00pm)
CK Deaf invites our Concordia family to learn American Sign Language (ASL)! All ages and abilities welcome.

Parents of a Child with Special Needs Bible Study (6:00-7:15pm)
This study is an informal time for family members to come together in fellowship with others who can relate to life with a child with special needs. This study is for parents of children of any age. Grandparents and caregivers are invited to attend as well. Childcare available. 2nd Wednesday of each month. For more information, contact Jessica Crawford,314-374-0682.

Young Adult Bible Study (6:00-7:30pm) 
This bible study is for young adults and families (childcare is provided). Each week the group reads Scripture, reflects on God’s Word, and has time for fellowship. This study is biblical based and responsive to the needs of the participants.


Men’s Bible Study (6:30-7:30am)
Meets weekly as a community of men who seek to study God’s Word, care for one another and promote God’s work.

Women's Bible Study (6:30-8:30pm) 
Bring a friend! Facilitated by Lynn Finer.


Women’s Bible Study (9:00-11:00am) 
Study God’s Word each week with women of all ages. Facilitated by Nancy Knost.