Rent the Facility

We are currently in a building project for a new Center for Christian Education. Due to the construction restrictions, we can not rent to outside groups at this time. This includes member and nonmember events such as birthday parties, showers, book clubs, etc. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Open for rentals again in Fall 2019

Concordia Lutheran Church is located just a short distance from the heart of old town Kirkwood. As our church facilities are available for rent to both members and non-members, consider renting our facilities for your event. Fill out the Building Use Form below. 

The following facilities are available:

  • Gymnasium (Rec Center) built in 2002 that is well equipped for volleyball and basketball games, practices, and camps.
  • Concordia Worship Center built in 2002 with an update completed in September 2008. This center seats 800, is configured in a semi-circle, and is a wonderful venue for concerts.
  • Sanctuary built in 1954 maintains the older architecture/style. It seats 400 and is our main venue for weddings.
  • A Dining Hall seats 200 and is often used for larger meetings or dinner events.
  • Several meeting rooms can accommodate up to 60.
  • Several classrooms can accommodate up to 30.

For a tour, rates or more information please contact Sharon Karleskint, 314-822-7772 ext. 123.

Building Use Form

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Resources Requested*

Rental Agreement*

  1. Renter will provide Concordia with a certificate of insurance at least 30 days prior to the event.
  2. Cancellation:
    1. By Concordia: We have the right to cancel any event due to a maintenance issue or if a church function needs the space.  We will not cancel a reserved event unless it is absolutely necessary.
    2. By renter:  Less than one week prior to the event, 50% of the rental fee will be owed.
  3. Renter is expected to leave areas used in the same condition as when usage began. The group will be expected to pay for any damage or additional custodial expense incurred.  
  4. The individual who signed the rental contract shall be responsible for compliance with all building usage policies and for the cleanliness and orderliness of that space at the conclusion of the activity.  
  5. All groups must conclude their activities and vacate the church building at the end of their reserved time.  Doors will be locked at 9:00pm. Doors must not be propped open.
  6. Nothing may be fastened to the walls of any room without prior approval.
  7. The facility is a smoke-free, drug-free, concealed weapon-free and alcohol-free area.  Special events may allow the use of wine or champagne with prior approval.
I, the undersigned representative of the group requesting the use of the facility of Concordia Lutheran Church, understand the guidelines, expectations, and restrictions outlined in this building reservation.  I will be responsible for communicating these policies to my group and ensuring that they are followed.  If parties associated with the group making this reservation are found to be in violation of these policies, I understand that additional fees may be incurred, as stated above.

Hold Harmless Agreement

I/We understand and agree that neither Concordia Lutheran Church, nor its trustees, representatives, employees, or agents may be held liable in any way for an occurrence in connection with the activity which may result in injury, harm, or other damages to the undersigned or members of our organization and guests, invited or not.


As part of the consideration for being allowed to use the facility, building, and grounds, as well as all appliances and fixtures agreed upon for the activity, I/we hereby assume all risk in connection with participation in the activity.  


I/We further release Concordia Lutheran Church, its trustees, employees, agents, or representatives from any damage which may occur while participating in the activity.  


I/We further agree to save and hold harmless Concordia Lutheran Church, its trustees, employees, agents, or representatives from any claim by the undersigned member of the organization, their estates, heirs, or assigns arising out of participation in any form or fashion in the activity.


I/We also authorize Concordia Lutheran Church, its employees or agents to render or obtain such emergency medical care or treatment as may be necessary should any injury, harm, or accident occur while participating in the activity. 


I/We further state that I/we are authorized to sign this agreement; that I/we understand the terms herein are contractual and not mere recital; and that I/we have signed this document of my/our own free act and volition. I/We further state and acknowledge that I/we have fully informed ourselves of the content of this affirmation and release by reading it before I/we signed it.