Trusing in the God who Leads

Do you remember playing “Follow the Leader?” Depending on the imagination and skill of the leader, it could be a lot of fun. It could also be used to teach trust.

Trusting in a God Who Works

While human beings have always lived in difficult times, every generation believes its times must surely be the most difficult.

In our Epistle for this week, Peter calls us to pay attention to the truth of the Gospel. He reminds us that He was an eyewitness to God’s approval of His Son on the mountain.

Patience is a virtue and given the culture that is before us, the generation of young people on our horizon, patience will be more necessary than ever!

When a human being reaches for something or someone more beyond this world that we see and sense, that reaching is always in process.

The Christian faith never compromises on the details. For all the religious talk and spiritual opinion that rumbles through our world, the Christian church is marked by a relentless commitment to the fundamentals of our faith.

It is not enough for God to simply exist. Scripture tells us the heart of God is bent on being known for its unquenchable kindness...

There’s a reason customers dislike automated operators answering the phone. Simply put, the operators are automated...

Pastor Scott Seidler leads our congregation to contemplate the logic of atheism and agnosticism. We’ll consider ways by which to make headway in spiritual conversations with those who adhere to this logic.

Trying to connect our Christian faith with other spirits is a confusing effort. Many of us don’t know how to begin a conversation about faith, much less carry one forward in a helpful way.