A psychologist by the name of Eric Berne viewed life as basically the transaction of authority. Either we are being influenced by or trying to influence others.

Like Little Children

In modern politics, it is not uncommon for aspiring individuals to latch onto promising candidates and then to jockey with one another for power and influence.

Labor Day weekend provides one more extended opportunity to rest from our labors.

This weekend in worship, Pastor Seidler shares an insightful message about the expected outcome of our Christian faith.

These are crazy days in the world. North Korea. Charlottesville. Russia. Funerals. Cancers that scare us all to death.

With “big box” stores stacked high with big boxes, with popular sentiment that promotes “go BIG or go home,” there is not much room for “little.”

A master chef knows exactly the right ingredients for a perfect dish.

Christians confront matters of right and wrong every day. Some of that is personal ... “Should I do this or that?”

When it comes to vacation, where do you find your rest? Are you a “planner” or do you boast a “come what may” attitude?

Celebrating abilities is a hallmark, even a measuring stick of Summer. And, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game...