November is a month of preparedness. Cars, furnaces, seasonal furniture and toys all need to be readied for the colder temperatures that are sure to come.

Say “November” and our expectations turn to darker days, colder temperatures, and fallen leaves. November is also a time of “Expectation” in our faith life together.

A Story of Resolute Courage

The Bible is filled with men of great faith, but typically the women seem to stand out loudest. This weekend at Concordia, we relish the story of a courageous leader who stood up and said, “Here I stand!”

Courage catches our attention this weekend in worship--courage that comes specifically from knowing that God has your back and has clearly called you to a certain kind of faithfulness.

A Story of Tremendous Trust

500 years ago this October, Martin Luther stepped up to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, and nailed 95 theses or assertions regarding the Bible’s teaching.

A Story of Tenacious Trust

As Pastor Seidler wraps up the first section of our RE:  formation Fall worship series, we focus on the historic phrase “Faith Alone.”

A Story of Glorious Grace

There is only one thing that comes to us completely free of charge and that is God’s favor. This free gift is known by the name “grace” and it captures our attention and effort at Concordia this weekend.

A Story about God’s Help

Trying to convince a 3-year-old they need help is a monumental task. So strong is the human tendency to make it on our own, even the youngest among us give evidence of this.

A psychologist by the name of Eric Berne viewed life as basically the transaction of authority. Either we are being influenced by or trying to influence others.

Like Little Children

In modern politics, it is not uncommon for aspiring individuals to latch onto promising candidates and then to jockey with one another for power and influence.