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Weekly Prayers

November 19, 2017

Prayer of Thanksgiving:  for the many volunteers who have and will serve our community in outreach by through Turkey Blessing distribution of Thanksgiving meals


Baptisms:  Jonathon Frank Cardinali (11/19); Lillian Dean Peterson (11/19)


Births:  Rylen George Oliver Schroll (11/12), born to Jennie and Greg; grandmother Norma Schroll; Grace Addison Rose Daniels (11/13), daughter born to Brian and Beth; grandparents Bob and Naomi Becker; great-grandmother, Doris Becker


Youth celebrating their Baptismal Birthdays this week:  Taylor Cully, Chad Killian, Zachary Taylor, Drue Gaal, Olivia Bradshaw, Catherine Menkhus, Grace Neiger, Brett Fischer, Evan Hill, Owen Shocklee, Katherine Wedel


Adults celebrating their Birthdays this week:  Amanda Burgess, Sam Doveikis, Ken Daues, Emily Rousseau, Kevin Hays, Ken Petter, Carrie Intagliata, Mike Russ, Ron Horstmann, Susan Keightley, Barb Laudel, Peter McCormick, PJ Lowry, Tom Neely, Mary Hawryszko, Robert Hawkens, Katie Killian, Chris Lints, Paul Mellring, John Basler, Roberta Pollard, Suzanne McComb, Ben Eckrich, Ted Vollmar, Jeff Dunn, Bill Mattson, Terry Torgerson, Roy Monroe, Carol Watson


We pray for…

William Hawkens

Judy Streufert

Bill Wagner


Members and friends of Concordia with medical concerns…

John Hoffmann

Norma Hollmann

Ron and Micki Horstmann’s friend, Leo Bierman

Dorothy Jacobi’s brother, Joe Eck

Wayne Jacobi’s brother, Gary

Bee Kilgore

Helen Kirchner's friend, Betty Wilhelms

Courtney Kuchar

Doug Massie’s mother, Ruth

Paul Mellring’s friend, Andrei Morris

Cindy Nichols’ son, Eric

Ken Payne’s niece, Annabelle Payne

Sherri Quinley

Kermit Starnes’ cousins, Bruce Starnes, Jr. and Craig Starnes

Lori Voges

Dick Wetzel

Lois Whitesitt

Ann Yemm


We also pray…

For the Lord’s peace and healing in our world…



For Mark Zisser and family upon the death of his brother, Stevie (11/10)

For Jeff Runge and family upon the death of his mother, Diana Runge (11/10)

For Charlotte Steffen and family upon the death of her husband, Mark (11/14)

For Irene Hartmann and family upon the death of her brother, Ed Scharer (11/12)

For the family of Robert Wagner upon his death (11/10)

For the Romine family upon the death of Bernice’s sister, Lucille Von Gruben (11/7)

For Tom Burns and family upon the death of his father, William V. Burns (11/3)

For Susan McClellan and family upon the untimely death of her daughter, Krista (11/5)


For all who serve in the Military in the combat zone and their families…

Lindsay Barnes, Cynthia Camp, Erik Carlson,  Pete Carlson, Andrew Dettmers, Daniel Frank, Keith Franke, Elizabeth Hays, Andrew Petrie, Owen Ray, Julie Ritz, Tom Saeger, Michael Smith, Gregory Walker


For all who serve in the Military not in the combat zone, first responders, and their families…

Andrew Gaska, Brendan Kunderas, Kendall James Washington

Prayer requests will be listed for two weeks. If after that time you would like your request to remain, please resubmit your request above. We desire to keep you and your home in prayer during times of need and joy! If you are hospitalized, please contact the Church Office 314-822-7772.