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Weekly Prayers

September 23, 2018

Prayer of Thanksgiving: For the humorous and inspirational Lunch and Learn last Thursday...


Baptism: Greyson Michael Eckrich (9/22), Austin Lee Lorenz (9/23)


Youth celebrating their Baptismal Birthdays this week:

Raeya Abolahrari, Thomas Sowers, George Beumer, Alexander Dalton


Adults celebrating their Birthdays this week: Karen Bettlach-Fuerman, Casey Fairless, Karla Heins, Alex Kuebler, Nancy Schjolberg, Tom Burns, Steven Hemmann, Tammy Jasiek, Victor Seabaugh, Marci Althoff, Laurie Senkbeil, Sarah Dalton, Amy Freeman, Kent Killian, Valerie Reisner, Jim Eckrich, Christopher Hill, Brendan Knorp, Kimberlee Arnold, Mark Hoehne, Mike Ilten, Jason Jones, Adam LaForest, Jeff Ostermann, Ellen Beggs, Terry Ferguson, Madaline Frisch, Racquel Frisella, Heather Penberthy, Matt Schelp, Vicki Schutte, Tom Wangler


We pray for…

Janel Burch

Bonnie Mertis’ nephew, Paul

Bill Wagner’s brother-in-law’s son, Scott

Carol Witte


Members and friends of Concordia with medical concerns…

Ruth Abaecherli-Lawless 

Lorrie Bilyeu’s brother-in-law, Rob Mahoney

Janel Burch’s friends, Diann and Meghan

Roger Burgdorf

Kelly Callahan’s uncle, Randy Wood, and cousin, Larry Veltrop

Debbie Dobb’s grandson, Preston

Sharon Engle

Eric and Linda Erkkinen’s friends, Liz Bahrns and Marvin Keller

Peggy Feaster

Ken Ford

John Harness

Dave and Deb Henrich’s friends, Judith Schaefer and Katie Boyer

Ron Horstmann’ s niece, Angie Valentine

Ruth Jonas

Sharon Karleskint

Ruth Kirchhoff’s sister, Joanna Cormier

Paul and Brian Kowert’s mother, Kymm

Anita Kreienkamp’s sister, Marj

Judy McGuire’s sister, Lillie Fields

Cindy Nichols’ son, Eric

Kermit Starnes’ cousins, Bruce Starnes, Jr. and Craig Starnes

Alice Trebus

Judie Van Hooser’s family members, Tony Grossman and Peggy Morgan

Lori Voges

Bill Wagner’s brother-in-law, Ralph Bekebrede

Dick Wetzel


We also pray for:

Those affected by the recent hurricane, tropical storms and flooding…





For all who serve in the Military in the combat zone and their families…

Lindsay Barnes, Cynthia Camp, Erik Carlson, Pete Carlson, Ryan Cherry, Andrew Dettmers, Daniel Frank,
Keith Franke, James Finch, Elizabeth Hays, Andrew Petrie, Owen Ray, Julie Ritz, Michael Smith,
Kendall James Washington


For all who serve in the Military not in the combat zone, first responders, and their families…

Andrew Gaska, Brendan Kunderas, Tom Saeger

Prayer requests will be listed for two weeks. If after that time you would like your request to remain, please resubmit your request above. We desire to keep you and your home in prayer during times of need and joy! If you are hospitalized, please contact the Church Office 314-822-7772.