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Weekly Prayers

June 30, 2019

Prayer of Thanksgiving: for Pastor Seidler and family as they transition, upon accepting the call to Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona; and for the Lord’s direction as Concordia Lutheran Church begins our transition; for the successful surgery and recovery of Finn Wingenbach (infant)


Baptisms:  Anthony Eugene and Jane Sandra LaForest (6/30)


Anniversaries:  Charles and Lauren Kieschnick 30th (6/24)


Youth celebrating their Baptismal Birthdays this week:  Rhett Johnson, Oscar Kuthe, William Fast, Evan Riggs, Ella Hahn, Grant Pasch


Adults celebrating their Birthdays this week:  Rex Gould, Eric Bergantz, Jane Fobian, Melissa Geisler, Drew Greenwald, Joe Grotha, Emil Hoehne, Keith Weinhold, Adam Hautly, Dan Hentscher, Kelly Jett, Lindsay Offermann, Chris Reese, Scott Akerson, Betsy Dankenbring, Emily Haley, Ali Knapp, Alexander Paul, Sarah Schwegel, Alicia Trebus, Sarah Coppersmith, Larry Rambo, James Sowers, Stala Stoppel, Nanci Yearout, Tanya Bergantz, Ruth Jonas, Ben Neuhaus, Jeff Yorg, Julie Hawkens, Dave Klittich, John Maise, Steve Nowatski, Kevin Sombart

We pray for…    

Tom Benedum’s brother-in-law, Michael Milbrath

Roger Burgdorf

Brenda Cortopassi’s father-in-law, Sandy

Art Kirchhoff

Ruth Kirchhoff’s sister, Johanna Cormier


Members and friends of Concordia with medical concerns…

Ruth Abaecherli-Lawless

Mildred Agnew

Janel Burch’s friends, Frankie, Diann and Meghan and cousin, Rene

Marjorie Ehlers

Tim Ema’s sister, Lisa Sell

A.J. Ema’s friend, Ben Jurs

Susan Hawthorne’s friend, Dolly Goebel

Dave and Deb Henrich’s friends, Judith Schaefer and Katie Boyer

Beverly Gould

Charles Kieschnick’s mom, Adeline Kieschnick and sister, Cynthia Boriack

Laura Kowert’s father, Dave Payne

Bonnie Mertis’ husband, Athan

Cindy Nichols’ son, Eric John and Nancy O’Reilly’s brother-in-law, Tom Marjda

Tim Petsch’s mom

Joyce and Ken Ragan’s friend’s daughter, Suzanne Elder

Marge Schuppan

Amy Smith

Kermit Starnes’ cousins, Bruce Starnes, Jr. and Craig Starnes

Matt and Melissa Stengel’s twin infants, Reagan and Parker

Alice Trebus

Judie Van Hooser’s friend, Charlie and Peggy Morgan

Lori Voges

Paul Witbrodt

Katy Zimmer’s mom, Diana Kempes


We also pray for:

Grace Koehn as she is being sent to Papua New Guinea for nine months to work with LCMS missionaries and church workers…

Peace and healing in our community, country and the world…

Those who are affected by the recent flooding around our surrounding areas…



For the family of Charles Kieschnick and family upon the death of his uncle, Chuck White (6/24) …

For the family of Joanna Seals upon her death (6/15) …

For Anita Geisler and family upon the death of her brother-in-law, Stanley Pearon …


For all who serve in the Military in the combat zone and their families…

Lindsay Barnes, Cynthia Camp, Erik Carlson, Pete Carlson, Andrew Detmers, Elizabeth Hays, Owen Ray, Julie Ritz,
Michael Smith


For all who serve in the Military not in the combat zone, first responders, and their families…

Andrew Gaska, Brendan Kunderas, Tom Saeger, Kendall James Washington

Prayer requests will be listed for two weeks. If after that time you would like your request to remain, please resubmit your request above. We desire to keep you and your home in prayer during times of need and joy! If you are hospitalized, please contact the Church Office 314-822-7772.