Baptism is the visible sign of God's invisible gifts of acceptance, forgiveness, adoption, and love. In the Lutheran church, baptism is understood as a sacrament:  a special act commanded by Jesus, given with a physical element (water), and a means by which God gives us grace. Baptism is God's totally free gift to us. And yet it comes to parents with some important implications.


Baptism is a call for your child to begin a new life in God's family. But in a broader sense it is also a call for you to commit yourselves to your child at a deeper spiritual level. It is a call for you to recommit yourselves to God so that you can become the most loving, supportive, and caring parents possible. And it is a call for you to recommit yourselves to providing a Christian home that is the warmest, most loving and nurturing environment possible. You are the first, the best and the most credible model for your child. Through your own Christian life and commitment to God, you will be shaping your child's image of God. You will have more of an impact than all the preachers and teachers he or she will ever know.


Baptism and teaching go hand in hand. This is one of the reasons that parents, sponsors, and the whole congregational family speak on your child's behalf and promise their support. Concordia Lutheran Church promises to support your home as the primary environment for faith formation. We believe that you are your child's first and best teachers. However, we offer many classes to support your home as your child grows to know and love Jesus as Lord.

Baptism 101 is offered on the second Sunday morning of each month, 8:30-9:15am in the Library, and is required for parents planning to have their child baptized at Concordia. This class will cover the theology of Baptism, the importance of choosing godparents, and ideas for the nurturing the faith of the young child.


You may register for the class, Baptism 101, and schedule your child's Baptism by contacting Sharon Karleskint at 822-7772 x123. She will arrange the date and time of the baptism. It is our desire that your child's baptism take place during a regular worship service at Concordia. It only makes sense to have as many of the Concordia "family" members present as possible to witness the event. Their care, prayers and support for your child will begin in a special way on that day and become a valuable resource for you in the future. Members of Concordia take their responsibility seriously. Don't let them miss out on this family event. And don't let your child miss out on their love and support.