Our Next Step


  1. The Building Launch Team, along with Church Council, sent the Request for Proposal (RFP) to four Design-Build firms in April. This RFP encompasses Phase 1 and Phase 2 (developing a parking lot and early childhood play area in the green space along Clay Ave., as well as constructing the Center for Christian Education). Three firms responded with a proposal on May 1, 2017: Churches by Daniels, HBD, and Korte Construction.
  2. On May 8 and 9, our lay building leaders, Church Council President, Pastor Seidler and Kristin Anderson will interview each of the three firms as they present their respective proposals. This group is intentionally small as each person on the committee has expertise/responsibility for a particular part of the proposal. We ARE NOT deciding on the best-looking design (the detailed design comes later), but on the company that best meets our project priorities, quality product and process requirements, budget constraints and leadership work styles.
  3. On May 15, the Church Council will meet to discuss the proposals and make a recommendation based on the feedback from the Interview Committee.
  4. Then, later this month or in early June, please join us at an Information Session. We will present the detailed proposal and solicit your thoughts and questions. Hopefully, one of the following times works into your schedule: Tuesday, May 30 – 7:00pm, Wednesday, May 31 – 10:00am, Sunday, June 4 – 10:45am, Sunday, June 11 – 10:45am, Any time during the week scheduled with Kristin Anderson.
  5. Finally, based feedback from those meetings, the proposals may be revised; a final vendor recommendation AND financial package will be presented to the congregation for a vote the weekend of June 17/18 and at the Congregational Voters’ Assembly Meeting, June 19.
Why Come to an Information Session?

You are not sure how building a Center for Christian Education helps both the church AND school. We recently visited a couple innovative spaces in Springfield, MO, which enlightened (and excited!) us to the possibility of Christian Education, Youth and Small Group Education space.

You have pledged to the project, but want more complete plans before you start giving.

You have not pledged because you are unsure about the direction of the project.

You have lots of questions AND you need answers.

You are unsure how this project impacts the ministries to which you are deeply connected.

You are concerned about the price tag and potential additional debt load.

You love and trust your congregation and want to be part of the process.

Project Phases
  • Phase 1: Develop parking lot and playground in green space along Clay Ave.
  • Phase 2: Build the Center for Christian Education (completed late Spring 2019).
  • Phase 3: Renovate the church areas (to be funded through another capital campaign).
  • Phase 4: Tear down the existing school building.
Our Next Step Priorities
  • Our BE ONE community space is lacking. We need more large group space for our Older Adults and Youth. Our current facilities are inadequate for our growing ministries. – PHASES 2 & 3
  • Our nursery space is too small and does not accommodate multiple ages effectively. – PHASE 2
  • Finish parking lot expansion. – PHASE 1
  • Expand early childhood facilities. Our preschool has a waiting list, and demographics show this will continue into the future. – PHASE 2
  • The middle school building is in disrepair. We need updated classrooms with a more efficient, flexible, multiuse facility. – PHASE 2
  • Our existing church building (outside the worship areas) needs renovation, deferred maintenance and mechanical updates. From energy-efficient lighting, windows, outdated fire panels, old roofs, accessible bathrooms, and new HVAC systems, our church facility needs improvement. – PHASE 3

Our current pledges stand at $7.5 million. We believe that, in order to create a flexible design that would serve both the church and school well, the project will cost more than current pledges. In addition, we will only recommend a level of debt that will not hamper future ministry!

  • If you have not scheduled a campaign visit, contact Karen Allman to schedule one.
  • If you are still prayerfully considering a pledge and have made a decision, please email Kristin Anderson.