Our Next Step


Our collection of pledges is going well. Approximately 64% of pledge dollars has been given to the project. Based on the current payment schedule, we should be able to pay our bills in cash until February assuming donations continue to be given at the current rate. In March, we will begin to dip into our construction loan. If you have been waiting to start fulfilling your pledge, or are interested in pledging, we encourage you to do so. The longer we can wait to incur debt the better!

The construction is a couple weeks behind due to the inclement weather. We still hope to have the new parking lot in place before Christmas. Otherwise, everything is going well.


These are exciting times for Concordia.  Visioning for this actually began as far back as 2012. I understand this process has been long and that digesting all the numbers and communication can get complex. Please reach out to Kristin Anderson, 314-822-7772 x130, at any time for further clarification, discussion or suggestions. We are so eager to see what God has in store for our ministry!