Our Next Step


After the congregation overwhelmingly approved moving forward to the design phase by 89%, we are progressing! We have partnered with Korte Construction and Arch Images going forward. The chart reflects the current status of our pledges and receipts. If you are still considering a pledge or visit, now is the time to let us know! During the Design phase, we will need to make certain tradeoffs and compromises based on what Concordia can afford. Our updated vision for the Center for Christian Education has so many positive directions for both church AND school ministry.

New Innovative Design

After visiting two schools in Springfield, MO, we discovered a design that completely reframes the vision for multifunctional use of the Center for Christian Education, Concordia’s proposed new building. This design accommodates BOTH the ministry and educational objectives of Concordia and Christ Community Lutheran School (CCLS) in a dynamic and innovative way! Based on the premise that a hallway in the center of a building represents wasted space, the new design expands the hallway in such a way that it can also become a large group educational or ministry space (see below).


The above multifunctional features will afford multiple positive applications:

  • The open space becomes our Youth Room, with small group breakout pods
  • KidsNight/Sunday School large group meeting spaces, with breakout capacity
  • Large gross motor space for toddlers in early childhood areas
  • Receptive to adult learner small-to-large group settings
  • Encourages small group collaboration/team sharing
  • New nursery age-appropriate rooms
  • Multiple learning-style environment
  • Simple design and uncluttered quality
  • Spacious and efficient
  • Secure space

Proposed Project Timeline

If you have questions about Our Next Step, please contact Kristin Anderson.