The Youth Gathering is a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod - sponsored event that is a once-in-a-high-school-career-lifetime experience. Concordia has been blessed to send youth to previous Gatherings. We look forward to sending another group to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in July 2019 to join more than 25,000 other Christians in celebration and fellowship.

Gathering Dates

The dates for the Gathering are Thursday–Monday, July 11-15, 2019. We will travel to Minneapolis by bus, arriving on or around Wednesday, July 10, and returning home on or around Wednesday, July 17. 

Registration is Closed.

Community Group Leader Information

All adult leaders must be at least 21 years of age and will be selected through an application process that will be reviewed by our Pastors and the Gathering Action Team. Adult leaders will be members of Concordia Lutheran Church who are active in worship, are in the Word, and have a heart to see high school - age youth follow Jesus. Questions, please contact Dale Kreienkamp, NYG Lay Leader.

Community Group Leader Application

Gathering Community Group Input Form

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We will be communicating through a text app that will not charge data rates.

Please upload a selfie of yourself

Friends going to the Gathering

Erin Acheson
Emily Allen
Drew Allen
Parker Anderson
Ellie Bayes
Owen Bennett
Sarah Bergantz
Natalie Bickel
Hollie Bickel
Marc Binder
Julia Boyher
Joshua Buckman
Lilly Byers
Sophia Cacioppo
Odessa Campbell-Conrad
Charles Carver
Joseph Castleman
Brandon Christ
Hannah Christ
Evan Coleman
Jacob Dooling
Sarah Dooling
Colton Eggerding
Natalie Evans
Rachel Fiala
David Gill
Noah Gjelvik
Colin Graves
Katie Graves
Olivia Gravette
Sophia Harre
Andrew Herweck
Joy Kassel
Chad Killian
Bridget Killian
Michael Kirchwehm

Ethan Koenig

Lily Krueger

Grace Krueger

Molly Lampitt
Dora Lanius
Bethany Lewis
Christian Maldonado
Elena McCarthy
Alex McDonald
Morgan McKinnis
Henry Monroe
Evan Muhlhauser
Grant Narzinski
Cameron Offermann
Alexander Parker
Emma Pawlitz
Madelyn Pozaric
Elizabeth Pozaric
Jonathan Prange
Benjamin Rauh
Jennifer Reeb
Christian Rempel
Olivia Riemer
Elise Roettger
Rachel Rolfing
Grace Runge
Harrison Sauer
Lydia Schjolberg
Lauren Seidler
Alison Senkbeil
Zachary Shelledy
Nicholas Simokaitis
Vivian Simpson
Jacob Snoke
Drew Soetaert
Avery Starnes
Hannah Taylor

Marnie Vahl

Abigail Wampler

Anne Watson