Take a “Mission-cation” this Summer

We are in the season of rest and relaxation, with cool pools and vacations, will you consider at least one “mission-cation?”

Simply put, a mission-cation is an intentional, communal rest from the day-to-day routine in order to serve with mercy and grace others in need. A mission-cation is intentional. You plan for it, schedule it and deliver it. A mission-cation is communal. You involve others in the gathering, so that the body of Christ grows even while it gives of itself. A mission-cation serves others with mercy and grace. It relieves human misery or provides spiritual care to souls looking for a miracle in this world. While vacations may last a week or more, a mission-cation can last a day or two. Not long, but equally as intentional and equally as communal. 

Our Children, Youth and Families Ministry put together a tool to help families have a Mission-cation together this Summer. Our Mission-cation “To Go” boxes are located at the Spotlight Table in the Commons. Each box will map out ideas for your family to take a few days (or more) each month of the Summer to care for others, share faith together, and create your own stories!

A few ideas to get you started
  • Organize a community meal for abused women and children.
  • Do yard work at a facility for abused women and children.
  • Organize a collection of diapers, stuffed animals, books, etc. / Serve lunch to the recipients.
  • Adopt an apartment complex. Make cards, assemble goody bags and host a barbecue.
  • Manicures for seniors.
  • Make a meal for a local police or fire department.
  • Organize a collection for the United Service Organization (USO) to support our military families.
  • Throw an appreciation party for the staff of a local nursing home.
  • Throw a party for long-term caregivers.
  • Serve a meal to food pantry participants at Mt. Olive on a Wednesday evening (food pantry day).
  • Partner with the Human Care team, take someone in the community who has a need out to lunch, listen to them, pray with them or send a note of encouragement with a verse of Scripture.
  • Hold joint Bible study with St. Trinity/South St. Louis and pay for student materials and/or childcare.
  • Host a musical group or choir at St. Trinity/South St. Louis worship; host fellowship lunch/snack afterwards.
  • Participate in, provide music, food and activities for community picnic.
  • Landscape with greenery and shrubs around local non-profits and churches.
  • Food collections for area food pantries: Feed My People, Circle of Concern, Kirk Care, and Helping Hands (in North County).
  • Collect cards and cut out images from the cards for summer placemats at area long-term care facilities.
  • Collect dollar-store “prizes” for area facilities for bingo and other activities.
  • Contact and assist with refreshments/activities at Mary Culver Home in Kirkwood.
  • Host a mini-vacation Bible school for neighborhood and promote a full VBS; offer rides to that particular VBS.
  • Host a community recognition of local veterans over the 4th of July holiday.
  • And the list goes on!
Need Funding? We can Help!

Through Thrivent Financial Action Teams and Concordia Outbound Ministries we can help you fund your project with up to $250 in seed money!