Germany Reformation Tour

SEPTember 27–OCTober 8, 2018

Pastor David and Jeanette Meggers extend an invitation to members of Concordia, their families and friends to join an inspirational trip to Germany in the Fall of 2018.

The itinerary includes extended time in Lutherstadt (Wittenberg, Erfurt, Eisenach and Eisleben) and Bavaria (Rothenberg, Oberammergau and Munich), as well as Austria (Salzburg). In addition to a guided tour at each town (including Berlin), our schedule allows for personal time to explore these sites in-depth and soak up the culture for a truly memorable and pleasurable travel experience. For example, in Wittenberg, we will visit the Old Latin School to learn more about the Wittenberg Project and attend church services at the Castle Church as part of celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (Albeit a year later!).

This journey affords a deeper understanding of Martin Luther and the Reformation, while also providing a great opportunity to visit the beautiful towns and countryside of Bavaria and Austria.


Tour Meetings

Pastor Meggers and Don Wolfinger will lead periodic meetings in preparation for our 2018 Reformation Tour. All meetings will be held in the Dining Hall.  At each session we will talk about one of the sites to be visited, tips to make your travel easier, learn a little German and answer any questions.

  • December 10, 4:00pm: Berlin
  • January 21, 4:00pm: Wittenberg/Eisleben
  • March 11, 4:00pm: Erfurt/Eisenach
  • May 6, 4:00pm: Rothenberg
  • July 8, 4:00pm: Oberammergau/Salzburg
  • September 9, 4:00pm: Munchen/last minute details

For further questions, contact Don Wolfinger, 636-484-0248.