Special Needs Buddy Application

We need people with hearts and minds for Jesus to act as “buddies” to our “friends” who have a disability or a special need.

Possible Responsibilities: providing supports to an elementary-age friend as they participate in the various children’s programs at Concordia. This would be different for every friend and based on their individual needs.

Possible Schedule: buddies of elementary-aged friends will share responsibilities with at least one other buddy. This means you may be required to work with your buddy every other Sunday morning and/or every other Wednesday night.

Reasons Why You Should Serve
  • You want to help a child or youth with a disability or special need come closer to Jesus and his love.
  • You want to help a family worship together who may not have been able to before.
Reasons Why You Should Not Serve
  • You want to do it just because your friends are doing it.
  • You want to do because someone you like is doing it.
  • You want to do it just because it will look good on a college application or resume.

Still have questions? Call, text or email Jessica Crawford, 314-374-0682